Experience Michigan Fishing

On May 21, it was a beautiful, shiny day.

Troy, who is my host dad, brought his mom, Ruben and I fishing on Lake Michigan. The water was clear, wind blowing softly.

The trip started at 10 in the morning and lasted until 12:45.

We took turns handling fish poles which got fish. Grandma lost the first fish of the day when the line broke. Luckily, I got our first fish about 10 minutes after. It was a male trout, about 23 inches. After then, Ruben caught his. His was much more fatter than mine. That is why there’s a phrase called “birds of a feather flock together.” Then, Grandma caught an over-size trout, which means we must release it back to the great lake.

I caught four fish in my entire trip.

We couldn’t eat because there were a lot of bugs flying around. We could tell especially when we looked at the white seats. The captain told us that the more bugs there are, the easier fish we can find. Oh well, I thought, there were enough insects to bring back a car full of fish.

Releasing the fish

After the trip, we brought eight trout back home and grilled them for dinner. It was nice.

But I have a suggestion: don’t wear white clothing when you fish. Two drops of fish blood went on my shirt. I am not sure will it come off or not.

Lake Michigan is the third large lake in States. Happily, I had the chance to visit and enjoy it with the greatness host family.

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