Email Server Experiencing Phishing Problems

Malicious emails with attachments have been making their way through the school's Google email system.

The school’s email server was recently the victim of an email attack known as phishing.

Early last week, a student or staff member clicked on a malicious email link or used their email address to sign up for something they should not have, and a phishing virus is now running through the school’s emails.

What the people do that are behind phishing is take the information you give them and send out emails to everybody at Inland Lakes. Emails may appear to be from anyone on the email system. If someone opens the attachment on one of those bad emails, it installs a virus and could possibly steal your information.

“If you see anything you don’t know, if you’re not expecting someone to send you something, or if something weird pops up, just delete it,” technology director Jeff Yoder said.

People are reminded to be sure that when you are reading or sending an email, that you know who you are communicating with.

Any suspect email can simply be deleted. They pose no issues if the malicious attachment is not opened. 

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