Dying to Try Hair Dye

Freshman Grace Feagan flashes her new pink hairdo.

From the natural colors of brown or blonde, to the more exotic colors of pink or blue, hair dye has been around for over one hundred years. A french chemist named Eugene Schueller invented the first safe chemical hair dye in 1907, and we have been using it ever since.

Coloring your hair can be a strange experience. Your natural hair color that you’ve always known will be altered. This can be a thrilling experience, filling you with emotions.

“Before dying my hair, I was really excited,” freshman Grace Feagan said. “Then when I was actually in the process, I started getting really nervous about how it would turn out.”

“This was the first time ever dying my hair so I had to go through two and a half hours of hair dying to get my hair how I wanted it.”

Although the first time can be a little nerve-racking, there are some who change their hair color frequently.

Junior Anya Bushinski flaunts her latest hair style

“I have dyed my hair well over thirty times,” junior Anya Bushinski said. “I have tried all of the natural colors and also pink, green, red, and purple.”

Although hair dying is becoming a bigger trend, there are still some people skeptical about altering their natural hair color.

Senior Douglas Langone proudly demonstrates his natural locks

“I would never dye my hair,” senior Doug Langone said. “I have heard that hair dye can damage your hair, and I want to keep mine nice and shiny.”

Dying your hair is a way to express individuality and is trending quickly. But your natural color is a work of art too!

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