Dual Sporting

Dual sporting is when an athlete participates in two sports during the same time season.

Dual sporting can be difficult to manage. You could also have less playing time, which is why you are required to choose a sport to be your primary sport. Some student athletes can have a problem with keeping up with their grades and school work. You also want to make sure you have enough energy to play your best in both sports. The coaches can tell the athletes that they would do better in one sport.

“I get overwhelmed when both coaches expect 110 percent out of you, and you’re doing two sports, and everyone else is, like, this practice sucks. Oh well, I went to two today,” said senior Andrew Dufek.

Athletic director Ryan Svoboda can tell the student athletes that they can not participate in both sports if he does not think they can. Some students might not have enough dedication to play two sports or keep up with both sports. It is important that you choose a primary sport, because the sports can be at the same time or have events on the same day. Whichever sport you pick as your primary, you have to go to that sport first.

“I knew that I wanted to stay in shape for basketball, so that’s why I wanted to run cross and have volleyball as my primary,” junior Katie Byrne said.

If you decide to dual sport it is important that you know what to expect and give 100 percent to both sports. Your coaches will still expect the same if you were only playing one sport.

Dual sporting will be a topic of discussion during the athletic policy revision in May.

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