Drama Prepping New Show

It is the time of  year when drama rehearsals start back up, which means that a play is just over the horizon. The Inland Lakes drama program is run by Nathan Jacques. The plays have gotten better and better each year. Every play tops the one before it. The last play was a twist on the original Sherlock Holmes. The one before that was an intertwining of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. This year, the December production is ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.’

“I am so excited for this play. The book was interesting,” senior Parker Kandt said. “So I think the play will be too.”

Most people in drama like Parker have been in drama for a while. This will be Parker’s twelfth play. For pros like Parker and his gang, this is all exciting and fun, but for newbies, this can be extremely hard because they have never been on stage. The first time veteran Grace Feagan ever went on stage, she almost threw up backstage before ‘Heading for the Hills’.  

“Being a newbie is extremely scary, because everyone watches everything you do,” freshman Sammie Green said. “Everyone already knows what they’re doing and you’re just kinda there, not knowing anything.”

The drama program is extremely talented and super-hyped for this play, but for some people it is their last play. 

“I’ve been in six plays at this school so far,” senior Dan Pung said.

Drama rehearsals are really fun and help prepare people for the play. They also help bring the class together and really make it feel like a family. The drama class has countless memories together. Everyone welcomes you and is extremely friendly. They do crazy fun stuff, and the class has a really positive vibe that makes you feel great. Mr. Jacques is a positive and understanding teacher. Everyone loves to have him around.

“My main goal for this year’s play is to be successful with a cast of this size and to put on another radical production that the class can get behind,” adviser Nathan Jacques said.

Drama tends to add their own little twists to the scripts. Even if it is a word here and there or a whole line. They put the little details in that could change the mood instantly by just a single word/line or by a detail in the costume and how the character talks.

“I look forward to the witty punch lines,” senior Doug Langone said.

While the date and time have yet to be set, the play will be held in the middle school multi-purpose room sometime just before Christmas break. 

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