Drama Preparing Dinner Theatre

Gym space is at a premium this time of year. The drama program is busy working on the stage in middle school gym before, after and during practices. Photo by Alyssa Langone

The drama department is hosting a dinner theater on Thursday, December 1 and Saturday, December 3. It will take place in the middle school gymnasium. Cost is $10 per dining ticket or $5 per bleacher ticket. Your dinner will include either spaghetti with red sauce or fettuccine with chicken alfredo along with a side salad and breadsticks. The event will begin at 7:00.

“I think this is a great play, and the drama class has waited ages for a dinner theater,” sophomore stage manager Alyssa Langone said. “And now that it’s happening. It’s really exciting and fun, and we are all putting so much work into it.” 

To make reservations, contact Melissa Schoolcraft, Alyssa Langone or advisor Nathan Jacques.

When making reservations, you will need the day you are coming to the play, how many people are attending, email address, etc.

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