Do’s & Dont’s Eating For Sports

Purchasing your pregame fuel from the vending machine might not be the best choice. ©Tyra Fletcher

You would think athletes would like to take hydration and eating right seriously during high school sports, but some people have a different opinion and beliefs about what happens when different foods and fluids enter your body. Others like to believe eating right and drinking water takes you farther and makes you go faster.

“During the season of softball, I ate a lot of fruits and meats,” junior Lizzy Skinner said.

“I actually have a pre game ritual where I eat a crap ton of candy,” senior Andrew Dufek said. “Chewy Sprees are my favorite.”

Eating right doesn’t define if you are a great athlete or not. Andrew Dufek is one of the best basketball players this year and he feasts upon candy. Other athletes such as Katie Byrne drinks a lot of water before a game and eats whatever her mom makes her. She prefers soup. She believes eating cake during your sport season is a bad thing.

“I drink water throughout the day, then I drink a glass of water before I come to the school,” Byrne said.

Thomas Connors, who is on the varsity basketball team, does not care about what he eats or drinks during the season. He believes in burritos instead of salad and hydration is not an important factor in his opinion.

Drinking and eating well during the season or even the off season impacts some but not all. It’s your decision on what you put into your body, but make sure the outcome that it gives you is good for your health.

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