Girls thumped in District finals by LaSalle Saints

On March 3rd Inland Lakes traveled 45 minutes north to play against the LaSalle Saints in Saint Ignace. Inland Lakes knew what they were getting their selves into but couldn’t keep up with the skills the saints had. The girls played their final game and lost by 65 points and the final score of the game was 75-10 Saint Ignace.

Starting the game the LaSalle Saints won the tip-off and the girls got set up in their one-three-one zone defense. Saint Ignace didn’t only have height on their team but they also had speed as well. In the first quarter Inland Lakes scored 4 points and struggled to find an opening to shoot and to drive in the hole, with the intensity of the Saints defense. The only scorers of the night were Tyra Fletcher and Hailey Shank with 4 points each and with Lexi Brendly adding 2 for the team. Ending the first quarter LaSalle Saints were in the lead 25-4.

Forgetting about the first quarter the girls moved onto the second quarter with great hope to close the huge gap that the saints had on them. Saint Ignace was set up in a full court press the first half of the game so the bulldogs continued to struggle to get past half court to set up their offensive plays. When the bulldogs did break the press they were able to score 4 more points in the second quarter while the saints added 24 more points to the board. Hailey Shank was awarded for being player of the game with 4 points, 5 rebounds, and had 2 steals during the game. Ending the first half LaSalle Saints still in the lead 49-8.

Coming out of the locker rooms the girls enter the court with a smile, being honored that they had even made it this far. The girls go back and forth from a two-three zone to their normal one-three-one zone defense. The bulldogs ran into fouling trouble and had fouled the saints 15 times and turned the ball over 39 times with in the game. The bulldogs did step up their defense in the third by only letting the saints score 18 points while Inland Lakes was able to score 2 points. Ending the third quarter Saint Ignace still up 67-10.

Finishing the game Lexi fouls out while Mara Clancy next in line with 4 personal fouls. The girls just wasn’t on when it came to the offensive side of the court and not scoring while on the defensive side of the court, the bulldogs gave up 8 more points to the saints. Finishing the game the final score was 75-10 the saints.

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