Competitive cheer ready to take on a new challenge

On Nov. 5 tryouts for the new competitive cheerleading team took place. This will mark the first year in over a decade that there has been a competitive cheerleading team for Inland Lakes. 2009 was the last year that the Bulldogs took part at any competitive cheerleading events. Coaching the team in the competitive season is Erin Basgall. Although this is not Basgall’s first year coaching the cheer team, this is her first time coaching a competitive cheer team. “I’m excited, it’s something brand new for me and our program. It’s been a while since they’ve had a competitive cheer team,” Basgall said.

Freshman Hope Kennedy took a leap of faith and tried out for the team even though she’s never been in cheerleading before. “All of the girls are very excited and tryouts turned out great,” Kennedy said. Caleb Walters is a senior that has never done cheerleading before and started this year, being the only male on the team. His sister Faith Walters warns him how different it is being on a competitive cheer team, rather than sideline cheer. “The difference is that you are actually competing rather than just cheering on your team. So it’s a lot more stressful and there is a lot more pressure on you because if you mess up, they know because everyone is staring at you and your being judged,” Walters said.

The competitive cheer team will not only add another sport to the school but will also add more opportunities for students who are ready to start something new. The team will be working hard but will soon be ready to take on the challenge. By putting in the time and effort, coach Basgall will be ready to take the team one more step further.

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