College ambassador program launches

The college ambassador program at ILS is being modeled after college ambassador programs at other schools with MSU College Advisers. “Over the summer I had a little bit of training on college ambassadors and this fall I realized that there was a group of seniors coming to me during 6th hour and getting ahead of the game college-planning wise. So I’ve “declared” that the senior college ambassadors this year are David Baldwin, Anna Beardsley, Jack Bushinski, Olivia Connors, Mya DeMello, Camryn Glynn, Jennifer Shank and Isaac Reeves.” Schuette Said.

College Ambassadors, in general, is meant to be a small group of seniors who assist counselors or college advisers in building or maintaining a college-going culture. On a daily basis, the tasks include helping with Cookies for College or putting up bulletin boards. A larger project that the ILS College Ambassadors will be working on this year is getting into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes to talk to younger students about being successful in high school to prepare for college.” it’s really impactful I think for younger kids to have older students to look up to, and those older students are already naturally talking about college and their future and important decisions they’ve made up until this point.” Schuette said. “I also get to work one on one with the College Ambassadors, so they’re getting updates on events or deadlines that they should then be spreading to other seniors. It’s essentially an extension of a College Adviser.”  

The goal is to try to continue this next year as well, “It’s really important to me that the program continues next year because I think it will do some amazing things for the culture of the school.” Schuette says. The program offers some benefits such as it will look amazing in college applications, resumes they take to jobs, and it’s service and leadership experience they can recall for any interviews. As a college adviser, I also get to work one on one with them a lot and learn about them so at the end of the year when seniors apply to scholarships like the Inland Lakes Education Foundation scholarship.

“I’m hoping that the college ambassadors this year are very transparent with what they’re doing and communicating it to other students and teachers a lot,” Schuette said. “It’s really important for this to continue next year because it informs students about college and it gets them ready for the next chapter.” Senior David Baldwin said.

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