Coffee Arrives In the Lunch Room

On March 30, food service provider Chartwells started to sell coffee in the lunch room.

Lunch lady Lori Fielder mentioned to her boss, Jon Galacz, that she sees a lot of students come through the line with coffee cups in the morning. Because of this, she thought, why not have coffee here, available for the students?

“Jon said that we can do it,” Fielder said. “And we’re gonna keep selling it ’til the end of the year.”

It is proven that drinking coffee in moderation can help improve memory, concentration and overall performance, which can help students be more successful in school.

Do you drink the school’s coffee?

“I bought a cup of black coffee,” senior Ian Dickinson said. “They had half-half, sugar and low fat creamers, but I felt it was a black coffee type of day.”

Although some may choose plain, black coffee, many don’t.

How will you drink your coffee?

Coffee is $1 in the lunch room every morning!

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