Cocoa And Cram Draws A Crowd

A huge crowd showed up after school Tuesday for the second annual “Cocoa and Cram” study session. Student Center director Rebecca Heckman said their were 88 entry tickets handed out, up from around 50 last year.

“Last year I went to Cocoa and Cram, and I felt like it helped me a lot and seemed to be helping others also,” freshman Tyra Fletcher said. “If there was no Cocoa and Cram, I don’t think I would have been able to find the time to study.”

Mrs. Heckman thinks Cocoa and Cram helps students get the final push they need before exams. She got the idea from teaching at Gaylord High School.

“I think Cocoa and Cram helped me a lot,” Savannah Spence said. “If you went to Cocoa and Cram and kept the ticket, some teachers gave you extra credit.”

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