Co-ed battle at Boyne

Jaimee Vizina hands off to Thomas Trombly during the Boyne City Co-ed Partner race on Sept. 13. The team placed third in the small school division.

Cross country traveled to Boyne Mountain Wednesday afternoon for the Co-ed relay. Overall, the team finished in third place. The girls ran a mile and a half, then tagged their male partner who ran their first mile and a half.

“The change in race format allowed our runners to look for another gear, but still gave us a chance to focus on running an even, steady pace,” boys coach Brandon Beltz said.

The change in distance allowed both the boys and girls to step up their game.

“This was a great workout for the group and while still emphasizing the importance of team,” Beltz said.

“I felt great and I liked it a lot more than the regular meets,” sophomore Hunter Bishop said.

  1. Hailey Shank/Beau Vizina 40:46
  2.  Fayln Mansfield/Tyler Major 42:16
  3.  Abbi Kline/Hunter Bishop 42:16
  4.  Lauren Vizina/Will Jacobs 46:22
  5.  Jaimee Vizina/Thomas Trombly 46:47
  6.  Haivyn Fielder/Zack Chevalier 48:24
  7.  Precious Delos Santos/ Beau Dicus 49:00
  8.  Anna Beardsley/ Garrett Hodson 56:13
  9. Makenna Hebert/ Josh Phillips 58:35
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