Christmas comes to Indian River

Brandon Beltz's wood shop classes set up a booth at the Indian River Christmas Craft Show as a fund raiser for the wood shop program. Photo by Abigail Kline

In Indian River, Black Friday is a time for the community to get together and celebrate the beginning of the holiday season as a whole. Friday, Nov. 24, began with the annual craft show at the school, hosting tons of vendors, from people who sold foods to soaps and jewelry. Handmade goods such as woodworks, bejeweled piggy banks, and hand printed silk scarfs were for sale. Several vendors sold all-natural and homemade skincare and soaps.

The band rode on a flatbed trailer to participate in the parade. Photo by Abigail Kline

Later in the night, the whole town met downtown to celebrate the holidays, as the Christmas parade went through town. Tyra Fletcher walked in the parade alongside the Indian River Sports Center float, handing out gifts to people watching. She thought the parade turned out well.

“There was a big crowd because the weather was nice,” Fletcher said.” It started raining, but it cleared up eventually.”

Santa arrived in town during the parade and performed the annual Christmas tree lighting on the village green. People visited him in the library where they had story time. Mrs. Claus read children books to anyone who wanted to come.

There was free food for people to have during the parade like hot dogs and soup. There was also a benefit dinner at Christopher’s Cafe for Kim’s Closet. Overall, it was good night.

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