Chickens Coming Soon

On April 12, Becky Heckman’s sixth grade science class received chicken eggs to give kids more knowledge about the chicken embryo development.

The main purpose of this project is to teach kids more about agriculture and how their foods develop. Mrs.Heckman got this idea by attending a Michigan States University extension workshop. Another purpose of this experiment is to show students how the body develops, because all animals start out similar.


The process took about 21 days, with the chicks hatching on a live webcam on Tuesday and Wednesday. They will be auctioning the chickens off to make money for the sixth grade camp coming up in May.

There was a drawing to see who got a chicken but to get one you had to donate money. Olivia Monthei, Patrick Hinmon, Barik McCreery, Kaitlin Freeman they could only enter the drawing if they had permission. Most of the buyers got 3-4 chickens. There was total of 17 chickens but only 15 made it.

The donations for the chickens all went to the 6th grade camp!

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