Cheerleaders prep for Snowcoming game

The cheerleading team practiced their Snowcoming routine in the band room on Jan. 16. Photo by Abigail Kline

Last week, the cheerleaders began putting together their routine for halftime during the Snowcoming game.

The process of putting together a routine is time-consuming and has a lot of steps.

First, the coaches have to select music and a routine and choreograph it. The routine they are prepping now has two different parts. They have to put together and learn. The stunt groups have also been working on some new stunts for the upcoming routine. The stunt sequence was put together by junior Faith Walters and sophomore Hannah Krussell.  Hannah also taught the routine to the rest of the team.

“Teaching the team the routine felt kinda weird because I’m not a captain,” Krussell said.

Putting together and learning a new routine can be stressful, but also fun. Choreography and stunts have to be on count throughout the whole routine. Some movements can be hard to nail, which can be frazzling during weeks of practice.

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