Cheer Tryouts Coming

Cheer tryouts for the basketball season begin on November 17. It will be a two day tryout. Participants will be judged on your flexibility, jumps (toe touch, pike, and herky), you will also be judged on how well you do the cheers that you learn the first day of tryouts.

Coach Erin Basgall is looking for potential.

“I would rather take someone I can work with who is not perfect, than someone who is perfect, but I can’t work with them,” said Basgall. “So if a student athlete can’t do the splits, it doesn’t mean you aren’t gonna make the team. You just won’t score as high.”

The cheers will be taught in a round format.

“I’m going to be teaching them cheers in the round format, so it’ll be round one, round two, and round three,” said Basgall. “Splits will be round one, tumbling will be in round two even if it’s just a cartwheel or somersault. Round three will be stunt work.”

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