Cheer Numbers Grow

Just because the cheer team is so big doesn’t mean any less work or heart gets put into their routines. The team still practices almost everyday after school, working hard to make every routine look and sound great. Support from the student body and football program also plays a big part.

“This is the first year we have truly felt acceptance from our football program and hope to continue that shared passion and support with one another,” coach Erin Basgall said.

Since homecoming is coming soon the team has goals that need to be met and achieved by then. Keep in mind you can’t learn the homecoming routines overnight.

“This year we dedicated all of August and much of September to the homecoming routine. This routine is the longest since I have coached here, and the hardest. The stunt sequence we are building is intricate and intense. It requires a lot of practice time and strength building,” said Basgall about how much time is put into the homecoming routine.

Cheer captain, Sam Baker, explained how being cheer captain has changed her.

“It helped me form a role where I can inspire the younger ones and like help them learn. I’m like the best friend, not like the coach where I yell at you. I’m like the good cop.”

“I just have to know that people are looking up to me so I know that I have to step up and lead,” said Brandi Bennett about how being cheer captain has not changed her, but motivated her.

Something new this year is that there is a male on the cheer team, and it’s Tyler Bennett. I asked him how he thinks he motivates the team, and how the cheer team changes him. Tyler motivates the team by “being peppy” with a 1-10 scale he says that his peppiness is at a 30.

“It’s given me a lot more confidence to be me and do what I want to do and not do what others want me to do. A lot of people wanted me to play football, and I don’t want to play football. I wanted to do cheer.” Truthfully spoken by Tyler Bennett about how being on the cheer team has changed him.

Wishing good luck and true pep to the varsity cheer team.

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