Capricorns Unite

From Dec. 29 to Jan. 19, the earth, Saturn ruled sign is here for the year. Capricorns, they can be hard to get past their shell, but they are great people to have in your life. If you need hard criticism Capricorns are the people to go to.

Like everyone, Capricorns have weaknesses. Many come off as know-it-all’s and are hard to figure out. Capricorns can be ones to not show emotion or admit when they are hurt, but when one is mad you will know. This group of people find it hard to forgive people when someone hurts them or someone they care about. Not only are they know-it-all’s but they are also condescending, or stuck up people. These people are easy to learn from, and can be a good person to have in your life for hard criticism.

Capricorns come with many strengths to balance out their intellectual personality. Responsibilities are something you can count on when you have a Capricorn in your life. Yes. They can be easily upset, but even when upset they have good self-control over themselves and the situation at hand. Capricorns are people that would strike you when they do something wrong because of the disciplined personality they have.

As we walk through life we all have our own perspectives on life and the world. Capricorns have a perspective of the world and don’t let go of it until something happens to prove their perspective wrong. To prove a Capricorn wrong it takes a lot of convincing and proof before they change their mind. They are ones that not only have a very narrow open-minded window in their brain, but also only see the world as they want to and often deny any doubts people put into their mind.

With the strength they have and tough exterior, Capricorns may be hard to wrap our minds around. Often on the interior, Capricorns are ones who have insecurities and many doubts. Their unstable thoughts on themselves are hard to come across unless you have had them in your life for a long time.

For parents of a Capricorn, you are often looking after a well behaved child. They often do well in school and are most happy with a close-knit group of friends and family. Capricorns most of the time are quiet and respectful. Chores are easily accepted due to the helpful hand they give around the house.

Capricorns are very helpful and this is important to them because they are ones who will reach past the limits to get to their goals. These people are ones who understand status’ of area’s of life as they go through. With this skill, many become successful in life. Here and there their plans and work will go down, but they will find a way to regroup.

Yes as Capricorns walk through life, they have good things that happen but often they will start to dislike what it is in their life that is good. At some point in life Capricorns end up disliking almost everything. Not because of their know- it-all personality but because of their own mistakes, or because they feel something is a distraction to the goal they are trying to reach.

In a nutshell, Capricorns are hard headed individuals who will do anything to get to their goals. Even with a hard outer shell, they can be great people to have in your life to help you learn and also succeed in your own goals. Being tough can get you a long way in life when you use your strengths right like a Capricorn.

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