Call of Duty: WWII arrives

The new Call of Duty: WWII came out at midnight.

I played the game for about 7 hours this morning.

The game is a really good old fashion game. Some people were against all the jet packs and stuff from Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3 so it’s good that they brought back an on-foot game.

I felt that they did a very good job on the zombies. They feel very realistic, and they were actually somewhat difficult.  It has a good feel to it to. You can’t play like you used to; you have to try a little harder.

The multiplayer in the game is also pretty good. They have a new layout where you can walk around and call in supply drops plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

There seemed to be no problems with the servers so far, but we will have to wait and see if the servers lag as the game gains players.

Overall, I think that the game is solid. It was a good step for Call of Duty.

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