Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs

May 24 the Inland Lakes Bulldogs went to face Rudyard for the second time and try to take two wins. The Bulldogs ended up splitting with them and had an ending score of 19-7 for the first game. The Bulldogs were ready to start swing the bat and thats exactly what they did. In the first inning they scored six runs and didn’t let Rudyard score any. The Bulldogs were focused and was going to let up. They continued to hit the ball and score run after run even with some bad calls from the umps. Tyra Fletcher behind the plate was a wall a didn’t let anything get pass her.

” I think we did pretty good, i think we played well we didn’t make a lot of mistakes and we played as a team.”said senior Grace Griggs.

In the second game it was a complete down pour but the game still went on. Rudyard decide to put in there star pitcher but the girls still tried there best and was doing pretty good hitting off her.      The girls tried their best to get the win but fell short with an ending score of 3-11. Tyra Fletcher on the mound kept throwing strikes but they kept getting the bat on the ball and the defense couldn’t get around it. Rudyard started getting run in one after another from pass balls behind the plate. The girls will be ready to take two last wins to end the season at Cheboygan thursday May 27.

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