Bulldogs end losing streak

On Feb 12. Inland Lakes played Forest Area at home and had another rough game but the team managed to pull it together in the last quarter. The final score of the night was 41-31 Inland Lakes.

Starting the game the girls start out very slow and had a hard time shooting the ball and noticing when they were open. The bulldogs shot the ball 54 times throughout their game. Forest Area started in a two-three zone when on defense, while the bulldogs would set up their one-three-one zone when on defense. The final score after the first quarter was 8-7 Forest Area.

“In the first half I think we started off a little slow” Tyra Fletcher said, “We weren’t playing to our potential but we really kicked it up later in the game.”

In the second quarter the girls defense was improving as the night went on. The girls had 31 rebounds with in the night. The top rebounders of the night was Tyra with 10 and Sydney DePauw with 6. Precious Delos Santos led the team with 3 steals. The girls added 8 points to the board to tie the game at half time.

Coming out of the locker room, the girls are ready to take on the second half and are ready to pull away. The girls really focus on spacing out and not crowding the paint. The bulldogs start to wait for the picks and use them and are starting to come together as a team. The top scorers of the night was Lexi Brendly and Mara Clancy with 14 points each and Hailey Shank with 6 points. Lexi was awarded athlete of the game as well. Pulling away in the third quarter Bulldogs in the lead 24-22.

“It all starts with the defense and our girls proved that in the second half” coach Pat Clancy said, “We are able to push the ball and control the game. I am very proud of my girls.”

In the fourth quarter coach Pat Clancy switches things up on offense and has the girls run new plays against Forest areas two-three zone defense. He also switches things up on the defensive side of the court and has the girls run a full court man to man defense. Forest Area struggles and gets worn out towards the end of them game.  The girls took over in the fourth half with taking control of the ball and staying calm. The girls did very well with the ball in the last quarter and added 17 points to the board leaving the final score 41-31 Bulldogs.

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