Brendly wins District semis with seconds left

On February 28 Inland Lakes hosted the second round of districts in their gym against the Manistique Emeralds. The Emeralds lead the game most of the night until the very last second of the game until senior guard Lexi Brendly had made a basket with 40 seconds left which had put Inland Lakes in the lead by one point.

Inland Lakes didn’t have the start that they wanted for the first quarter but did the best that they could. Not knowing much about the team besides that they were 1-19 and that their last game that they had played was a big deal to the Manistique team because they had broken their 41 losing game streak. In the first quarter, the emeralds surprised the Bulldogs by making all of their buckets and missing rarely. The Manistique scored 19 points on the Bulldogs while Inland Lakes scored 9 points. The Bulldogs started in their normal one-three-one zone defense, but the girls struggled to talk and communicate on the defensive side of the court. Mara Clancy was selected player of the game with 18 points, 10 rebounds and 2 steals for the team. Inland Lakes was down by 10 points at the end of the first quarter.

“It is a great experience; we got a great group of girls, and I feel very lucky to be their coach,” coach Pat Clancy said.

Starting the second quarter, the girls were trying to wake up on both sides of the court and slowly made things happen. The Bulldogs gained 10 points this quarter while letting the emeralds gain 9. The top scorers of the night were Mara with 18, Lexi with 10, and Precious Delos Santos with 6 points for the team. The lady Bulldogs were able to shoot the ball 58 times throughout the night against the emeralds. The girls were starting to catch the way the Emeralds were playing. They were figuring out who they should shut down for the second half. Ending the first half, Manistique held the lead 28-19 .

Coming back into the game the Bulldogs had a strong third quarter, scoring 13 points while holding their opponents to 8. The Bulldogs were doing a much better job on rebounding and had a total of 30 rebounds by the end of the night. The top rebounders of the night were Mara with 10, Hailey Shank with 5 and Sydney DePauw with 5. The Bulldogs later converted to a man to man defense but struggled to stay in it while the Emeralds were inbounding the ball. So the girls had to change into a two-three zone defense while Manistique inbounded the ball while under their hoop.  Ending the third quarter the Bulldogs were still down, 36-32.

“Passing the ball around more to tire out the other team helped and so did being smarter on defense and not fouling” guard Precious Delos Santos said.

The girls realize that this was their last chance to try to get in the lead, and with that thought stuck in their heads the girls went crazy on defense in the fourth quarter. Inland Lakes had 10 blocks during the game and leading the team with blocks was Mara with 5 blocks. The team did an excellent job of not turning the ball over and only had 14 turnovers as a team. The girls did foul the emeralds 13 times during the night. With hard work and great defense at the end of the game, the girls won their second District game in three days with a final score of 44-43.

Next game is March 2 against Saint Ignace in their gym at 6 p.m. There is a student fan bus that is going to the game and there is a bus fee of 5 dollars, and the game fee is 5 dollars.

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