Boughner: “Only one of nine in the state!”

Journalism adviser Tim Morley presented Nexus yearbook editor in chief Kelly Boughner and writer Ashley Gleason with the Spartan Award as one of the best yearbooks in Michigan at a ceremony at the Lansing Center on Tuesday, April 18. As a member of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association's board of directors, Morley presented numerous staffs from around Michigan with awards. "When the culmination of over a year's worth of work ends with a state championship, it's something the whole school should celebrate," Boughner said.

Although we are a small school, students have made a huge impression on the scholastic journalism world.

On Tuesday, April 18t, senior editor-in-chief Kelly Boughner and sophomore Ashley Gleason traveled to the annual Michigan Interscholastic Press Association Spring Awards ceremony to claim the yearbook’s seventh Spartan, the scholastic journalism equivalent of a state championship.

The IL360  website was also evaluated and had received a gold medal in the critique contest.

“ Since I’ve been in yearbook, I discovered a lot of great things about the student journalism world,” Boughner said. “It’s amazing to think that three years ago, I didn’t know anything about journalism or what it took to be in yearbook and now it’s my life.”

The 2016 Nexus was one of nine to earn a Spartan Award out of the 38 schools that entered.

“It’s weird to think about how some students in this school don’t understand how cool this actually is,” Gleason said. “This is the only program in the school with a state championship, and now we have seven. Our books are nationally known, and it’s the best feeling when you can say that you helped make a book that got a Spartan Award.”

MIPA awarded individual awards on April 18. Photographer and editor-in-chief Kelly Boughner earned a first place in the Academic Photo category. “It’s really cool to be recognized for something I love,” Boughner said.
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