Hard Work and Attendance Awarded

Skylar Schoonmaker laughs with her friends during the middle school portion of the spring awards night. ©Kelly Boughner

Wednesday, April 27, marked the day to award the students for making the academic honor roll, honor roll, all A’s and for outstanding attendance.

To start off the night Principal Melanie Allen announced the All-A students. These students have put in a lot of work to keep every class an A. Mara Clancy, Ayana Mayfield, Hailey Shank, Ian Clancy and Emma Hall were just a few of the students who got the All-A award. There were fourteen students that received this award.

Next to be honored was the academic honor roll. To get this award a student’s GPA would have to be an 3.5 – 3.99. James Prodan, Olivia Collins, Stephen Wilson, Pamela Braund, Thomas Conners and Alexis Passino were among the twenty-three students earning this award.

“Parents play a huge role in the students lives to make sure they get it done or always show up,” principal Allen said during the introduction of these students.

The next awards were for honor roll. To get this award you would have to have an 3.0 – 3.49 GPA. Ten of the students that received this award were not there to accept there award. The following students were there to accept their award: Caeden Blumke, Sam Duncan, Grace Feagan, Casey Cooper, Thomas Trombly and Victoria Collins. An additional thirty-five students were not in attendance.

The last award of the night was for attendance. Students who only missed a few hours of school were also part of these awards. The students with perfect attendance were Kody Wittman, Sierra Hardy and Venessa Wandrie. The students awarded for missing four hours or less were Precious Delos Santos, James Prodan and Austin Fielder, along with three other students.

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