Former Spartan Addresses Bullying

Former MSU basketball player Anthony Ianni spoke to the student body against bullying on Friday morning, March 11. ©Kelly Boughner

On Friday, March 11, the student body listened to former MSU basketball player, Anthony Ianni, during an assembly for anti-bullying.

Ianni started by admitting he was bullied at a young age, so he spreads the word about respect and kindness through out the country. He was very happy to be able to visit the staff and students.

“I really enjoyed it. You guys were awesome today, and the students and the teachers were very well responsive to my message today,” Ianni said. “I’m very appreciative that I got the opportunity to come in today and talk to you guys.”

Ianni has been to many different states, influencing kids of all ages with his inspiring message. He is constantly on the road, planning where to go next.

“At the most I’m on the road at least five days a week,” Ianni said.”I’ve probably been to about 15 different states. I actually just got back from Nebraska yesterday morning, and I’m going to New York Sunday. I’ve been to a lot of different places around the country.”

Students and staff will continue anti-bullying awareness on the twenty-first of every month with Orange-Out days.

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