Another 7th Grade Victory

As the seventh grade girls won their game Monday night against Gaylord St. Mary 18-14, it was not their best game.

Kelsey Van Daele led the team with fourteen steals, five rebounds and six points, while Christy Shank added five steals, five rebounds, four assists and four points.


While in control much of the game, the girls could not stay focused.

“I think our game was okay, and I wouldn’t say I played my best,” Abby Rang said. “Our team had an off night.”

Coach Ashley Knaffle related that the team did not always know who they were guarding.

“My team had a lot of turn overs and weren’t guarding their girls,” Christy Shank said.


The girls fought until the end, but they still need improvement on their offense and defense.

“We had a little lack of defense at times, and confusion out there on offense, but overall I think they played hard,” Coach Knaffle said.

The eighth grade girls lost 11-15.


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