Key Club hosts blood drive

Seniors Lexi Brendley and Camryn Glynn volunteered for the Key Club blood drive on Tuesday, Nov. 14. Photo by Hailey Shank

The American Red Cross is holding their blood donations at the school again this year. The Red Cross is teaming up with the Key Club and NHS volunteers to run the blood drive.

“It’s a good way to get the school involved with the community,” senior volunteer Makayla Henkel said.

Katie Heckman and Brooke Keller sign donors in for the Key Club sponsored blood drive on Nov. 14. Photo by Emma Dubay

“You go to one of the volunteers, and they make an appointment, on the day of the blood drive you come in and sign in. You read a packet that gives you information about what were doing, and once your done doing that you get called by a nurse to make sure you don’t have any mysterious diseases, make sure your iron is high enough. After that you go and give blood, then you come to the refreshment station and eat cookies and drink juice until you feel better,” junior volunteer Katie Heckman said. “Any kind of tragic you need blood, the blood goes everywhere so it really helps.”

Nancy Topel is a Red Cross worker and really enjoys helping people give blood.

“We’re based out of Petoskey, and we collect blood all over Northern Michigan. We cover 18 counties, we go to high schools, colleges, churches and we set up a drive,” Topel said. “Our goal today is 42 pints. Today we have 61 appointments, so we’re hoping we can get as much as we can.”

The blood drive is from 9:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. in the middle school gym, so come and give blood today!

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