Only Two Teams Battle For Powder Puff Title

powder puff
Sophomore Hailey Shank dodges the "tackle" of senior Vanessa Wandrie during the rescheduled Powder Puff on Monday, September 26.

A rain delay set back the annual powder puff game from Thursday, September 22, to Monday, September 26. It rained intermittently throughout the game but the show went on. This year varied from past years because only two grades participated in the event; the Seniors and the Sophomores. With only two teams competing they were able to utilize the entire football field compared to splitting the field in half. Also, the overall attendance for girls willing to play powder puff was low for the two teams. Which in turn caused other teammates to pick up the slack.

“I felt my performance was pretty decent considering I have never played quarterback before,” senior Vanessa Wandrie said. “I had to step up and be QB because Cloe Mallory couldn’t play this year because of previous injury.”

With both grades’ coaches screaming offensive plays to attempt to score and defensive plays to try and halt the other teams progression to the goal, the girls’ brains were rattling like the whistle of the referees.

“There was a lot of tension and pressure,” sophomore Hailey Shank said. “The coaches were screaming plays at us and it was very annoying.”

Due to the precipitation on the field girls were falling left and right, but both teams took it with a grain of salt and pushed through the weather.

In the end the sophomores managed to win with a score of 26-20.
“I felt as if the two grades were great competition and played well together,” sophomore Tyra Fletcher said. 

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