A math and Spanish Gamble

Kelsey Gamble chats with students during her planning period on Sept. 13. Photo by Andrew Schwartz

With Morgan Kottke no longer teaching at Inland Lakes, there is a new Spanish teacher named Kelsey Gamble.

The new Spanish teacher has a different way of teaching, and there is an added level of expectation. Gamble says a lot of her skills from teaching math make her a better Spanish teacher.

“I actually went to school mainly to become a math teacher, and Spanish is what keeps getting me jobs, so that tells how important world language is,” Gamble said. “College told me I needed another degree, so I chose Spanish for my other degree.”

Gamble first started to teach at Mancelona high school in January 2012. She lives in Mackinaw City and moved to Inland Lakes after her last teaching job in Rudyard.

“It’s closer to my home. I was driving across the Mackinaw Bridge everyday, so I decided to move a little closer to home. It’s just a better atmosphere and a lot of different things” Gamble explains.

Overall, the new Spanish teacher is really liking the new year at Inland Lakes and she is liking the student body and how good they are as students.

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