Fun in the Mud

Precious at the mud run
Sophomore Precious Delos Santos avoid the first big mud pit at the Charlevoix Mud Run on September 10. Photo by Kelly Boughner

The cross country team traveled to Charlevoix High School on Saturday, September 10, to race in the Mud Run. The course included two mud pits, two hay bales that you had to jump over and one giant log that you had to hurdle over.

There was a total of 26 teams at the event. There were five races, a boy’s eleventh and twelfth grade race followed by the girls eleventh and twelfth grade race. After those two, the ninth and tenth grade boys ran. Next the ninth and tenth grade girls ran. The middle schoolers and the open race were combined for the final race of the day.

The boys team placed eleventh overall and sixth in their division. The girls placed fourth overall and second in their division.

Boys ninth and tenth results (out of 104)

36. Cleveland Baker 21:28
61. Caleb Walters 22:42
84. Beau Dicus 24:17

Girls ninth and tenth results (out of 93)

2. Hailey Shank 21:58
3. Abby Kline 22:16
20. Falyn Mansfield 24:43
25. Lauren Vizina 25:08
35. Precious Delso Santos 26:17
85. Sheldon Vizina 38:44

“The girls came ready to fire against tough competition,” coach Sarah Furman said. “It was a solid day, and there is still lots of work to be done.”

Boys eleventh and twelfth results (out of 100)

14.Luke Passino 19:13
52. Ian Dailey 21:57
64. Brandon Dicus 22:48
74. Austin Fielder 23:27
76. Sawyer Hodson 23:34

“The boys ran tough today, having them split by grade level was much different for many of their usual teammates to run with,” coach Brandon Beltz said. “It helped them find their own pace and run their own pace.”

Girls eleventh and twelfth results (out of 86)

17. Lexi Passino 24:38
72. Anna Beardsley 32:42

The team’s next meet is Wednesday, September 14, at Boyne City. It starts at 4:30.

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