Band and Choir Plays Final Concert

Kaitlyn Moore received special recognition as a senior leader of the band.

On Tuesday, May 10, the sixth grade band, the 7-12 band, and the choir had their last home game. They put a lot of work into all the songs/music that they worked on for about two or three months.

The sixth graders have improved since they started, and it showed when they play out of the red book, that all 6th graders who join band get. You could hear the rhythms from all of the different instruments. Some of them were given awards, and it went faster than doing one for every class.

The choir was made up of a few band members in both the sixth grade band and the 7-12 band. There were five seniors in the choir that were recognized by director Rich Brand and some of them even got awards. Kaitlyn Moore played the piano for the choir’s last song, and Kathryn Studer directed it in Mr. Brand’s place.

For the 7-12 grade band you could tell that they worked hard to make the songs they played sound good. The first piece of music they played was Star Wars Saga and even though you would think it is not that hard to play when you look at the sheet music you have to think about the dynamics and rhythms that the song has. There were some other songs that were played and you could hear where some of the difficult parts in the songs were.
Mr. Brand had the seven seniors, that were the first to join the 7-12 band, stand up and he talked about how they were his biggest group of seniors yet. He then had the section leaders stand up and he had one co-section leader stand as well. When it came to the point of awards Mr. Brand started choking up considering the two awards he gave out where to Kathryn Studer and Kaitlyn Moore.

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