10 siblings, 1 family

CHAOS… living with such a large family can be summed up in that one word. I come from a family of 6 brothers and 4 sisters each with their very own personality and attitudes. Growing up with most of us in the same house was one of the most chaotic experiences in my life but it was also very memorable.

My oldest sibling is Rachel, she is 36 years old and has 5 children. Her sarcasm can top anyone’s at any point in time and I take after her in that way.

The next would be Kyle at 27 years old. He is like my best friend, and he has 2 children. He and I tend to get into trouble together and cause our parents’ pure misery.

After Kyle is Brittney and Shawn both at 24 years old. Brittney is super sweet and kind, she loves doing charity work. Shawn is an Army man with 2 little girls. He is hot-headed but loveable. He also liked to duct tape people to poles and leave them there until their parents found them.

Dennis is next in line at 23 years old, he has one little girl and he is the most reckless, carefree, and crazy guy ever. He also likes to prank people by taking the toilet seat off and putting it on top of the garage which then causes someone (me) to have to climb the house to retrieve said toilet seat.

Following Dennis is Brandi at 22 years old; she is my fun sister. She was the one that taught me how to cook and got me into baking but that also meant a lot of cleaning up and food fights.

After Brandi is Blake at 20. Blake is my Marine brother and he is also about to be a daddy and is happily married. Most of my memories with Blake involve mac and cheese because he loved his mac and cheese.

Brett is next and he is the closest to my age at 19, he and I tend to get into heated arguments because we just don’t get along. Being raised so closely we never became friends and we don’t really talk now.

After Brett is me at age 18. My little brother Max follows at 16. Max was the boy next door to me until my father told me he was my half brother a few years later. Max is silly and a prankster usually making random phone calls.

Emylia is next at 14, she is the youngest of the family but she is also the most dramatic. She can turn anything into a soap opera but it is part of her charm. She looks the most like me except for our eye color.

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I’m a senior, I like M&M’s, writing, and loud music. I’m also in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) for the Marines.

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